#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"
#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"

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ABOUT US: Frack Free United is a network of residents, communities and campaign groups who are coming together to protect our countryside and communities from the threat of fracking, strengthening and building a coalition from all walks of life and working together to oppose fracking across the UK. 


FFU was set up in Aug 2016 and have used local and national elections to raise awareness on fracking distributing over 1/4 million leaflets directly into letterboxes across 55 affected election areas in 14 counties across the country. Frack Free United and Food An Water Watch teamed up to write and coordinate signatories to a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May. Other Key moments include presenting to the House of Lords, lobbying Party conferences and joining national NGO’s as a signatory in a joint letter to Greg Clark and are currently working on various national strategic projects. 

Based on independent scientifically verified research, Frack Free United believe fracking operations pose risks to soil, water and air from leaks and spills, with impacts on health and well-being, the environment and to our climate


These risks are likely to be exacerbated by the government's financial support alongside a cost-cutting and deregulatory approach with environmental standards.

We say no

Frack Free United believe that fracking is not only incompatible with the UK’s climate change commitments, it is also undermining a growing renewable energy sector with a significant potential for jobs, exports and prosperity


We are concerned that multiple wells on multiple sites with thousands of HGV movements, processing plants, new pipelines and associated infrastructure will industrialise our countryside, and will have severe impacts on our health and environment.

We intend to put a halt unconventional oil and gas extraction. We must create the narrative and push the national

agenda and encourage debate on the issue in the corridors of power. It is imperative that we encourage

politicians to make their position on fracking clear and use any means at their disposal to stop fracking in their area and across the UK.

We must let the policy makers know we are all watching the actions of our politicians and how they respond to fracking at all levels of government.


As a grassroots level, we are asking you oppose fracking in our communities and across the UK. We want to build Frack Free United to strengthen and build a progressive coalition against fracking and other forms of extreme fossil fuel extraction.

The future is here - Our vision

We call on the local and national government to adopt an energy policy based primarily on renewables and energy efficiency, supporting green enterprise and a sustainable energy policy for the future.


The UK has the knowledge and technology to create a world-leading, sustainable and clean energy revolution, yet the government cuts to this industry has led to the loss of thousands of jobs. Government support of fracking is more likely to commit the country to a fossil fuel future for decades to come.

Frack Free United believe a mix of renewable generation, energy storage, alternative gas supplies and other low CO2 sources of power, with a truly sustainable efficiency drive and development plan, is required to secure the energy needs of the future.

“Castle Howard is surrounded by Grade 1 monuments, buildings, and other structures, not the least of which is the finest non-urban collection of Hawksmoor buildings in the country. These are prime heritage assets for which I am responsible. I would be derelict in my duties were I not to raise the possibility of their ruination through seismic events caused by the hydraulic fracturing process and associated processes. It has yet to be demonstrated that this is not a material worry.” - The Hon Nicholas Howard, Castle Howard

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All views expressed here are those of Frack Free United. Frack Free United