Give us a community mandate, help us build a social movement to tell the government to HALT all fracking operations in the UK.

The Frack Free Declaration

At Frack Free United we believe that the development of an unconventional oil and gas industry across much of the UK will have negative and far-reaching consequences for local communities and the rural economy, the environment, public health, climate change and our future energy strategy.


Please download the Declaration For a Frack Free UK and take it out into your community, pass it on to friends, family and colleagues, use it at demos, on stalls and in meetings.


Its imperative that we build this movement in our communities so we can deliver a strong message to Parliament.


Please send all signed Declarations back to us using the address at the bottom of the form.


The more people who sign the Declaration, the more pressure we can put on the government to halt fracking in the UK.

Background info

To help you to help us, we also have a Background Information flyer for you to share with people who are still learning about the problems and dangers of fracking.


Please download this flyer and take it out into your community, pass it on to friends, family and colleagues, use it at demos, on stalls and in meetings. 


if you require some pre-printed Declarations (which also have the Background Information flyer printed on the back) then please contact us and we will put some in the post to you.


Let's try and get as many people as we can signing Declarations calling for a halt of fracking in the UK.


Over to you!


It is also our aim to help any politician who has signed up call a halt fracking. Each time we head into election time, Frack Free United will endeavour to sign up and encourage all election candidates to oppose fracking. We will then encourage our supporters to campaign for anti-fracking candidates and take our message into the corridors of power. Join us in the campaign - Help us, help them to help you.

We call on all POLITICIANS to sign up and let us help you to help us. 

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