#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"
#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"

Fracking, Permitted Development and NSIP

Permitted Development

Permitted development is the part of the UK planning system which allows people to carry out low-impact improvements on their property without having to apply for planning permission. 


Typical home improvements you can undertake under permitted development rules are converting your loft into a bedroom, moving a door or a window, putting up a fence, adding a conservatory or building a garden shed.


KM8 Well Site


Before companies can frack, they need to build a well-pad and drill an exploratory well, which will then be used to take core samples of the rock, and then they will probably need to conduct a series of ‘test-fracks’ to find out of they can produce commercial quantities of gas

On 17th May the Government issued a Written Ministerial Statement which proposes that exploratory drilling for shale gas should be considered permitted development, and therefore would not require planning permission from the local council. 


The government wants the planning system to treat a fracking well-pad in the same way as a garden shed, and the government gets its way, fracking companies will be able to put well pads close to your home, school, town or village without even having to apply for planning permission.

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. The Written Ministerial Statement also proposes that fracking becomes an NSIP, which would mean that even full-scale commercial production would not need local planning permission, as it would all be decided and imposed by central government. So, in practice, the government and the fracking industry would sit down in a room in Westminster and decide amongst themselves where they want to frack, and there wouldn’t be a thing county councils or local communities could do about it. 

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