#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"
#UnityinDiversity - "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation"

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Leading Surrey councillor lists challenges of working with Weald oil companies (Tue, 23 Oct 2018)
Oil companies operating in Surrey have played regulators off against each other, failed to consult with residents and lacked professional advisers, the chair of the county council’s planning committee has complained. Cllr Tim Hall, speaking at a meeting in the Houses of Parliament, said: “Understandably the public are […]
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Amber-level tremor while fracking at Cuadrilla’s shale site (Tue, 23 Oct 2018)
Cuadrilla has confirmed there was a 0.4 magnitude earth tremor while it was fracking at its Preston New Road shale gas site this afternoon. This is an amber event under the seismic regulations, called the traffic light system. At this level, operators should proceed at caution. The company […]
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Fast track fracking proposals undermine democracy and bypass scrutiny, MPs told (Tue, 23 Oct 2018)
Government proposals designed to speed-up fracking decisions are unclear, inappropriate and unjustified, a group of planning experts have said. They told a meeting at Westminster the ideas, which could allow some shale gas sites to avoid the planning system, would undermine local democracy and bypass necessary scrutiny. The […]
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Guest post: Judicial office launches investigation into complaint over fracking judge with alleged oil and gas ties (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
By Chloe Farand, DeSmog UK An investigation has been launched into allegations that the judge who handed three fracking protesters “manifestly excessive” jail sentences has family ties to the oil and gas industry. Judge Robert Altham sentenced Simon Blevins, Richard Roberts and Richard Loizou to up to 16 […]
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What government told the shale gas industry about success, regulation, jobs and support (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Several shale gas wells in production would be seen as success by the government, according to recently released notes of a round-table meeting between the energy minister and the industry. Once the first well was in production, the notes said, the government believed “we will be in a […]
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What’s happening this week? 22-28 October 2018 (Sun, 21 Oct 2018)
In this week’s listings: Deadline for comments on government consultation on changes to shale gas planning rules; Parliamentary meeting on government’s permitted development and NSIP proposals; Public meeting on production plans for Horse Hill oil site in Surrey; Film screenings; Campaign meetings. Monday 22 October 2018 Green Monday […]
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Picture post: Hundreds gather at fracking site for climate rally (Sat, 20 Oct 2018)
A crowd estimated at more than 1,000 shouted “Cuadrilla go home” at a climate rally outside the company’s fracking site near Blackpool today. Anti-fracking and climate change action groups, trades unions and political parties from across the UK took part in a march from Maple Farm along Preston […]
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Jun 6, 2017

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Jules Burton lives in Roseacre and is the 'concerned resident' who's taken Savid Javid to court over his decision to re-open the enquiry into Cuadrilla's application to frack at Roseacre Wood. In the light of the manifesto commitments on fracking he believe that now the only thing to stop it will be people power.

May 22, 2017

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